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Nide is a web-based IDE for Node.JS, designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind.

You can run Nide locally or install it on your remote server, and access it through your Web browser.


The Nide IDE is available both as a command-line tool and as a standalone Mac app. Please note that currently Windows is unsupported. (We're working on that)

Command-line tool

To install Nide as a command-line tool, you'll need both Node.JS and NPM installed. (NPM is included by default with Node.JS, starting with version 0.6.3). You can grab Node.JS here.

With Node.JS installed, open a terminal and run:

sudo npm install -g nide

If everything works as expected, you'll now have a new command line tool called nide. To create a new project, go to an existing folder and run:

nide init

Nide will start listening on port 8123 (the default port), and will launch your Web browser. To learn more about nide's command line options, run nide help.

Mac application

To install nide as a Mac application, download and open the following disk image, and follow the instructions on screen. (Node.JS v0.6.7 is included)

nide-v0.2.0.dmg (9.7 MB)

The Mac app is still in an early development stage, so there might still be some hard edges.

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  • Project tree display
  • File operations (create/delete/rename files and folders, hide/show hidden files)
  • Syntax highlighted code editing for multiple programming languages
  • OS X Lion-style automatic save
  • OS X Lion-style version management with revert and side-by-side editing features
  • Real time project tree filtering (using regular expressions)
  • NPM integration (display currently installed packages, add/remove packages, automatically update package.json)
  • Image previewing.
  • HTML previewing.
  • HTTP authentication (for running Nide on a public server)
  • Ability to run as a native Mac application.
  • Sleek interface reminiscent of TextMate
  • Node.JS Documentation browsing

Release Notes

What's new in Nide 0.2

The following features have been added in Nide 0.2:

  • Nide is now available as a native Mac application. The Mac app is still on a very early stage of development, so expect some hiccups.
  • You can now refresh the directory listing manually, through the gear menu.
  • You can now specify a host IP for listening via a command line option.
  • You can now specify a username and password for HTTP authentication.
  • Editor state (caret position, selection, scroll) is now preserved when switching between multiple files.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

The following features were added since 0.1.0 came out:

  • Nide now supports syntax highlighting for filetypes other than JavaScript.
  • A simple cache mechanism is now present to avoid unnecessary directory listings.
  • Directory listing is now much faster and more reliable.
  • Nide is now able to launch the user's default browser from the command line
  • The client code has been almost completely refactored so it's now easier to mantain.
  • Nide will now check for file size before opening a file.
  • HTML files can now be previewed directly from Nide.
  • Image files can now be viewed directly from Nide.
  • Lots of bugfixes.


Main Interface



Nide is an Open Source project developed on my free time.

If you find it useful or interesting, you can make a donation to support its continuous development.